Full branding starts with intense research and analysis of both the market and the Audience. 

Our idea of Autlyn was to interact with business people in an official manner and convince them that their business could thrive online in they put their trust in  Autlyn. Business people being our audience was a firm contribution to the color selection. Each color has its own feeling, we aimed at triggering neutral feeling and not being inclined to any specific industries as we decided on Blue, a neutral color.


The Product. 

A software product requires as equal attention in branding it as a physical product does. To start engaging Audiences, we have to make the product easy to notice as part of the brand. We designed a simple interface with its main theme as Blue in color.

The company. 

With the aim of setting a visual identity for Autlyn, Branding the company’s assets was our next step. It is important to utilize each moment the company is in operation as a brand awareness opportunity. We noted all company owned assets that are used whenever the company is interacting with other parties. These moments include daily transactions, Marketing campaigns and events.

Vehicles, Office equipment and stationery, Staff wear, event banners and other frequently used assets were branded with unique styles of each. 

Marketing and Public Relations 

Unique ideas and designs are needed when showcasing your brand and welcoming people to start doing business with you, Choice of graphic content and words should be strongly reviewed especially when doing large campaigns.