Inspired by the rapid growth of the E-commerce industry, the unplanned for occurrences of pandemics or any other alterations of physical shopping behaviors, we concluded that there is need to bring millions of serious businesses into the E-commerce world and help them work as effectively as they usually work when doing business offline.

Autlyn, one of our software creations has come to solve the problem of selling online and eliminate the worry of large E-commerce services overshadowing businesses’ brand.

Autlyn helps businesses showcase their brand by providing them customized business web pages as they sell their products and services online on the same platform. This creates direct connections and points of trust between customers and businesses without standing between the two parties.

The long term project has been purely driven by the Amaris Digital team from planning to production of all versions of Autlyn to date. It is proof that we are ready for your software project as complicated as it seems and as long as it will take.

Click above to visit Autlyn and see how it works, if it seems as a solution to your business too, don’t hesitate to join Autlyn and sell online too.